Blind Embossing

Embossing and debossing, single or mulitlevel, a combination of debossing and embossing as well as microstructures - our Gietz machines achieve excellence at all these expectations.

The three-dimensional design of the substrate creates not only a visual but also a tactile appeal as an additional communication instrument.

In blind embossing the flat stamping principle shines through. Working with this system, Gietz machines are known to successfully realise ambitious designs, for extra deep and multilevel embossing, register-true and with exact edge definition. Maximum machine speeds are fully achievable on our systems if the surface condition is favourable.

Heavy Embossing

Embossing Delicacies

To achieve best results the intricacy of the design and the choice of paper in interaction with a unique stamping force and the right stamping die are vital. Bolder type and larger design can thus be embossed more deeply, and special substrates can achieve greater depth and detail. Even challenging embossing and debossing delicacies as well as microstructures are achievable in a single-sheet pass. Our Gietz machine solutions perform at these expectations.

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