HTF 1400 - Tray Forming Machine

The best in tray forming

Inspired by decades of experience, the HTF machines for the forming and gluing of conical trays always result in outstanding customized solutions. With the Gietz HTF 1400 we meet today’s growing customer requirements with a reliable, efficient and high output machine.

Key benefits

  • Up to 12’000 strokes per hour and stream
  • Modular machine configuration
  • Short setup times
  • A selection of gluing systems
  • Intelligent movement of forming dies
  • User-friendliness
  • High production security at the in-feed units

Special Features

Gluing systems

The standard cold gluing unit applies dispersion glue on the blanks in the required shape by means of foam rubber pads on gluing wheels. Also available are high-pressure hot or cold glue spray systems.

Swing away delivery stack

The Gietz HTF machines are designed for a maximum operating comfort. Swing away delivery stacks allow optimal access to the forming stations, which enables a comfortable and quick set-up. The horizontal delivery of the completed trays simplifies the removal of erected trays at optimal height and with a minimum number of operators.

Fixed forming stations

Fixed forming stations are suitable for running repeat jobs due to the dramatically reduced setup time. Their pre-setting normally takes place at our production site in Gossau, Switzerland. Customers can also set them up on site, for which Gietz supplies the material.

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