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The story of innovative and high-quality Gietz machines continues.


Gietz Holding AG has successfully completed the acquisition of P. Loher AG in Zuzwil, Switzerland, as an important step in its development plan.


The new six-person management team is made up of Daniel Sund as Chief Operating Officer, Felix Kramer as Chief Technology Officer, Marcel Gerber as Chief Executive Officer, Christian Casutt as Chief Service and Aftersales Officer, Claudia Heer as Chief Financial Officer and Michael Grau as Chief Sales Officer. This constellation continues the company's tradition and at the same time leads it into an innovative future. (from left to right)


After a successful management era, Hansjörg Gietz has decided to hand over the management of the company to Marcel Gerber on 01.01.2024. This marks a significant turning point in the history of Gietz AG.


An extraordinary moment in our history: Japanese company Bihaku-Watanabe Co Ltd has recently purchased the 100th ever produced Gietz FSA 1060 Foil Commander machine. This step not only marks a milestone for us but also underlines the depth of our partnership and the trust they have placed in us.


Gietz launches its new ROFO 450 ECO with next generation machine user interface, following the successful ROFO 450 series.

Gietz ROFO 450 ECO flatbed webfed hot foil stamping machine

Claudia Heer is appointed to the Management Board as Finance Manager and completes the previous team.


Gietz Switzerland has taken over the majority shares of MABEG Systems GmbH in Germany as part of a succession plan.

Gietz invests in MABEG Systems GmbH -  Dr. Daniel Burkhardt, Michael Grübel, Jens Gebel, Hansjörg Gietz and Michael Keie
f.l.t.r. Dr. Daniel Burkhardt, Michael Grübel, Jens Gebel, Hansjörg Gietz and Michael Keie

New management under CEO Hansjörg Gietz in the 5th family generation. (f.l.t.r.) Marcel Gerber (Technical Director), Hansjörg Gietz (Owner and CEO), Daniel Sund (Head of Manufacturing), Michael Grau (Sales Director).


Separation of Gietz AG in Gossau, under the lead of Hansjörg Gietz, from the Gietz & Co. AG in Dietlikon, under the lead of Patrick Gietz.


Gietz celebrates its 125th anniversary with valued customers and partners coming from all over the world.


Gietz AG signs an agreement with Newmec s.r.l. Italy to establish worldwide sale and service activities for the OEM Product Gietz “Secur 20 and 50”. The machine aired the first time at Drupa that year.


At Label Expo in Brussels, Gietz presents the “ROFO 450”.


Gietz celebrates 50-years at the location in Gossau and the 50th sold FSA 1060 Foil Commander to Gräfe Druck GmbH.


The Gietz “HTF 940” tray forming and gluing machine is shown for the first time at drupa.


The first “FSA 1060 Foil Commander NOTA” is supplied to a banknote printer in Russia. With this, Gietz offers a machine to cover the larger banknote sheet sizes, having many important capabilities for the banknote printing industry.


At the drupa, Gietz presents the new electronic register system “SMART Register” for the FSA 1060 Foil Commander. Also featured is the newly designed web fed Gietz “ROFO 910” with a web width of 910 mm and a web speed up to 100 m/min.


Foundation of Gietz Holding AG based in Gossau. The complete group then employed over 80 people.


Patrick Gietz, son of Heinrich Gietz, joins Gietz & Co AG in Dietlikon.


The first high performance platen hot foil stamping press Gietz “FSA 1060 Foil Commander", featuring a sheet size of 1060 x 760 mm, is launched at drupa 2004 - later installed at Gräfe Druck & Veredelung GmbH in Bielefeld, Germany.


Hansjörg Gietz, son of Hanspeter Gietz, joins Gietz AG in Gossau.


For the first time, Gietz presents the prototype of its first B1/40’’ size platen hot foil stamping press “FSA 1050” to the public.


Gietz inaugurates the new 4-floor office building in Gossau.


A ROFO 870 at Unique Images, Great Britain, is retrofitted with the first high-performance foil transportation system Gietz “VACUFOIL”.


Gietz installs the first web-fed, flat-flat hot foil stamping machine in the United States, bearing the name “ROFO 870”.


Claudia Gietz, daughter of Hanspeter Gietz and the first to represent the 5th generation, joins the company.


The Gietz machine for the gluing and forming of conical trays, named “HTF 940”, is brought on to the market.


The first Gietz “FSA 870-PTP”, featuring a foil registering device to align to printed marks as well as sheet edges, ships to IPC&L, USA.


Gietz delivers the first platen hot foil stamping press Gietz “FSA 870”, with a sheet size of 870 x 560 mm, to Japan.


100 years company Gietz: The Gietz family celebrates this historical event together with 300 employees and business friends from all over the world.


Gietz maintains long-term relationships such as the 99 years of cooperation with Johannisberg-Miller - with more than 500 jointly sold machines. This confirmed successful cooperation concluded with the takeover of Johannisberg-Miller in 1991 by MAN Roland.


The Gietz “FSA 790-NOTA”; the first machine, dedicated to the transfer of OVDs on banknotes, goes to the Austrian National Bank.


The site of Gietz AG in Gossau is enlarged by 2’000 square metres.


The “FSA 790” presents itself with a larger stamping/sheet size. Toshima, Japan receives the first of its kind.


Gietz installs the first “FSA 720” with electronic foil feeds and special equipment for the application of holograms on to banknotes at the Reserve Bank of Australia.


Drupa 1986: Gietz launches the first automatic forming machine for paper plates – the “Variformer 640”.


The first platen hot foil stamping press Gietz “FSA 720”, sheet size 720 x 520 mm, is installed at Thomas Waide, GB.


First series of the Gietz “FSA 720” in assembly.


At Drupa 1972, Gietz presents the “FSA 660”, the first automatic platen machine specifically designed for hot foil stamping in half sheet size.


A platen hot foil stamping press Gietz “FE-N-BS”, featuring positioning devices for multicolour transfer foils, is delivered to Toin, Japan.


The first Gietz “KK” machine for the gluing and forming of conical trays is added to the sales programme.


Heinrich Gietz, the youngest son of Johann Gietz, joins the company.


First platen hot foil stamping press Gietz “FE”, featuring adjustable dwell time, is installed at Eilerswerke, Germany.


The production moved from Zurich-Oerlikon to Gossau near St. Gallen. The administration, sales and service department continued to be located in Dietlikon, near Zurich.


The first platen hot foil stamping press Gietz “F-N”, is delivered. It featured a non-stop hopper feeder for easy and time saving handling of thick materials such as book covers.


Hanspeter Gietz, son of Johann Gietz, is the first of the 4th generation to join the company.


Gietz launches the first automated hot foil stamping machine in the world, the Gietz „F”. With a stamping size of 320 x 460 mm, the press processed paper and cardboard.


The first paper plate machine Gietz „Z” is built, based on the platen press and equipped with heating and forming dies.


The 3rd generation, with Johann and Werner Gietz, joins the company.


Reference letter of 1925 from the company Buchdruckerei Grob & Zürcher.


Due to its outstanding price performance ratio, Druckindustrie trade news press stated in 1992: “The Gietz Presto machine was known in the printing industry as the VW Beetle of the car market”.


The company, then employing about 30 people, starts building its own book platen presses called “PRESTO”.


Johann and Bernhard Gietz, the sons of Johann Friedrich Gietz, join the company as the 2nd Generation.


Joh. Gietz & Co, Baumackerstrasse, Zürich-Oerlikon


Johann Friedrich Gietz founds a company in Zurich-Oerlikon with the goal to sell and repair letterpress and lithographic printing machines from Klein, Forst & Bohn (later Johannisberg) in Switzerland.

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