Gietz co-creates and produces liqueur labels on ROFO 450 ECO

On the launch of the new ROFO 450 ECO press Gietz was able to co-create liqueur labels with the name “Gietzerello or Gingerello” as a demo job. The labels are not only produced to demonstrate the machine’s capabilities but are also intended to be used on the liqueur market.  

The “Gietzerello” is an adaptation from the original liqueur name “Gingerello”. The latter is used to promote and launch a new distillery product, handcrafted in St. Gallen, Switzerland – Gossau’s neighbouring town. The small-badge Distillery Brunner based in St. Gallen, produces unique spirits with strong character using traditional methods. The freshness of sun-ripened lemons paired with the mild-sweet aroma of a select ginger and classic gin give this drink its flavor. All spirits, as well as the Gingerello are handcrafted, bottled and labeled by Benjamin Brunner, founder and master distiller.

Gietz is very happy to be able to support a local manufactory in the production of the labels. The finished labels can and will be brough to market and do not go to waste.


"Gietzerello" Liquer
"Gietzerello" Liquer
Demo-Lables "Gietzerello"
Demo-Lables "Gietzerello"
Demo-Lables "Gietzerello"
Demo-Lables "Gietzerello"

Label Design

The label’s vision and design outlines came directly from Benjamin Brunner, whereas Gietz advised and supported in its refinement to ensure a beautiful finish. Together, a grand design could be realised.

A self-adhesive material with a cotton touch was chosen for the liqueur labelling. The visual focal point of the label is a sculpture-like head in black foil embossing, surrounded by an intricate blind embossing reminiscent of embroidery – further anchoring the design to its roots, the hometown St. Gallen. A golden frame of delicate arrows and a prominent lettering complete the simplistic design of the Gingerello labels.


Application on the Gietz ROFO 450 ECO

The labels were created using an interchangeable die to initially produce some showcase Gietzerello labels. Then the dies were exchanged to continue producing the original Gingerello labels from the Distillery Brunner.

Gietz embellished the pre-printed labels in four steps, taking advantage of the foil advances and the large stamping area of the Gietz ROFO 450 ECO. Firstly, a metallic flat foiling with yellow-golden foil was applied on the front and back labels as well as the neck strips. Secondly, a combination foiling, and embossing die was used to create the sculpture-like head using a matte black foil. To then complete the design on the front label a blind embossing was done to show the embroidery and frame lines, but also to emboss the areas covered with metallic foil. The final and crucial step was to cut the labels with a die.

The use of these different finishing solutions in combination with a finely detailed label design demonstrates very well the flexible application capabilities of the new ROFO 450 ECO.


Gietz ROFO 450 ECO with next generation machine user interface
Gietz ROFO 450 ECO with new machine user interface

The results are fantastic! We would like to thank Benjamin Brunner for the trust placed in us and wish him every success with the release of his product. We are convinced that the Gingerello will be very well received. We highly recommend you try it, if you have not already!

We would also like to thank our industrial partners L. KURZ, Hinderer+Mühlich as well as the team of CCL Trittenheim for their great support in this project.

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